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  1. Chargriller gasket kit (clamshell style) Also fits CharBroil

    Chargriller gasket kit (clamshell style) Also fits CharBroil


    These kits use a specially cut gasket, sized with the appropriate width for your grill. Fits Chargriller and Char-Broil clamshell style lids like 2137, 2823, 2121, 1624, 5050 Duo, Deluxe Grill, Outlaw, Super Pro, Pro Delux, Wrangler, Double Play, etc. Please contact us for Chargriller 8125 model gasket kit, as this kit will not fit. Learn More
  2. LavaLock® Charcoal basket 12 x 10 x 6 (FireBox coal box)

    Regular Price: $77.49

    Special Price $72.00

    LavaLock® charcoal baskets are specifically desinged to fit your smoker fire box. You can load more coals, for longer and more controlled burns. Increases charcoal efficiency on your Horizontal, Vertical, offset or other smoker fire box. Learn More